National FX57S

7 die 7 blow header 20x4/75 mm, 63-165 ppm, built 2016, 37 kW, 43.5 tons weight
Equipped With
Machine Features:

  • Alternate Blow Feed Capability 
  • Cutoff Blank Control 
  • Precision Zero-Clearance heading Slide Guiding System 
  • Quick Change FORMAPAK System, Including: Die Block, Cutter and Quill Park, Tool Pak, PMP Transfer Slide and Transfer Finger Opening and Closing Camshaft.
  • PMP Transfer w/ Hydraulic Clamping 
  • Free Standing Operator Panel w/ Advanced FORMATROL PC Controls 
  • Computerized Adjustment of Feed and Die Kickout Length 
  • Adjustable Timed Kickouts in all Stations 
  • Air Clutch and Spring Set Brake 
  • Electrical Equipment w Frequency Controlled AC Drive 
  • Machine Lube System w Dual Filters
  • Specialized High Volume Die Coolant System w Filters and Flow Monitors as Specified
  • Safety Systems for Machine and Operator 
  • Free Standing Sound Enclosure
  • Special Color 
  • Siemens S7-1500 PLC w/ ProfiNet I/O
  • Documentation in English and German 
  • eWon Remote Diagnosis System 
  • Exhaust Blower
  • (2) FormaPaks including: Die Block, IFO Camshaft, Cutterpak, Toolpak and Transfer Slide
  • Formapak Setup Fixture 
  • Jib Crane 
  • Spare Part Package

Integrated Induction Heating System up 1000 Deg. C
  • Pre Heat Induction Coil: Ambrell, EKOHeat 375/10
  • Final Heat Induction Coil: Ambrell, EKOHeat 75/25 HD
  • Individual Power System for Each Coil
  • Induction Coils Adequately Isolated and Sealed 
  • 265 Kw/32 Deg.C Chiller
  • 50Kw/37 Deg. C Heat Exchanger for Tool Cooling Chiller for Machine Cooling Circuit 
  • 50Kw/37 Deg. C Heat Exchanger for Tool Cooling Chiller for Internal Cooling Machine 
  • Closed loop Water Cooling Circuit for Machine Components
  • Specialized Cutoff System ( lowered wireline)
  • Automatic Blank Drop 
  • 3x Pyrometer 
  • Modified Sound Enclosure and Guards
  • Integrated Electric

Bar Feeder 
  • Servo Controlled Feeding System 
  • Automatically Adjusted Stock Gage System w/ Piezo Short Feed Sensor
  • Automatic Retraction Bar when Machine Stops
  • Automatic Pull Back After Each Feed Stroke (~1mm)
  • Bar End Detection System 

Specialized Discharge System 
  • Slug Discharge @ 4th Die 
  • Discharge Inner Ring @ 5th Die 
  • Discharge Outer Ring @ 7th Die or at Outboard Transfer Position 
  • Automatic Sorter Gate ( diverts good parts to scrap)
  • Method to Conveniently Obtain Sample Parts ( inner and outer races)
Specialized Water Based Coolant System 
  • High Volume System 
  • Flow Monitors on Specific Lube Lines 
  • Containment of Coolant 
  • External Reservoir 
  • Water/Oil Separator 
  • Coolant Heat Exchanger
  • Paint Free Die Are 

  • Specialized Die Space 
  • Special Reduced Finger opening IFO Camshaft (42mm Grip Diameter)
  • Various Electrical Specials 
Bar Magazine Rack 

Maximum Charge Weight: 3.0 to
Bar Diameters: 14 to 22mm
Bar Length: 6000mm
Bar Material: Steel

Pneumatic Supply: 6 Bar
Air Consumption: <20I/min.
Electrical Supply: 3~,400V, 50Hz
Voltage: 24V DC

W x H x L
Belt Through: 600 x 2000 x 6500 mm
Separation System: 1300 x 1800 x 8500 mm

Ambient Conditions
Humidity: Max. 90%
Temperature: 0-50 Deg. C 

Noise Levels
Noise Level of the Machine: <82dB(A)
Colliding Bars: Max. 84 44dB(A)

  • Conveyed Material: a) Outer rings, b) inner rings, c) slugs
  • Dimensions: a) D26/20 bis D42/34 x 9-15mm, b) D15/9 bis D30/20 x 9-15mm, c) D10-20 x 3-5mm thick 
  • Feed Rate: Each 175 St/Min Outer Rings 600 kg/h, Inner Rings 350 kg/h, Slugs 1,080 kg/h
  • Weights: a) 18-138 gr b) 8078 gr c) 3-12 gr
  • Press Trimming: 175 Strokes/Min
  • Material: Steel 100 Cr6
  • Temperature: Up to Max. 1,000 Deg. C
  • Part Feed: Customer Supplied Feed Chute 
  • Part Removal/ Discharge: in Henson Containers 1,050 x 950 x 650mm

Load Monitoring Schwer & Kopka
  • Control PC Sk800
  • 15" Touch Screen 
  • Pressload Monitoring in Each Station
  • Frame Load Monitoring 
  • 16 Analog Input Channels 
  • 5 Digital Input/Output Channels 

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Via Circonvallazione 11, 10060 Buriasco, Italy




+39 011 5216446